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Changing your LTC address

  Published on - Jun, 04 2018

From now if you have added LTC address that is not linked with FaucetHUB or you have changed LTC address on same FaucetHUB account you will be able to change your LTC address without any limits! But if new LTC address does not belongs to old account you will still see warning.

Finally we are open! Enjoy LTCXUP :)

  Published on - May, 23 2018

Hello, we finally did it and LTCXUP.COM is here! Start claim and do not forget that we work together :)

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  • dncziro 9 hours ago
    @RobinSoyTuStarFire eres chica o chico esque no se disculpa la pregunta
  • obusselva 8 hours ago
    Boa noite
  • vivebtc 7 hours ago
    claim not is working :(
  • ricardo 6 hours ago
    Hi admin.Please pay me my withdraw from2018-06-18.
  • rahmat riyaldi 5 hours ago
    thank you admin
  • hand.joe 5 hours ago
    Good morning to all...
  • Cleidson74 5 hours ago
    Obrigado adm. Minha retirada foi paga
  • Inahn 3 hours ago
    aun me deben 2 pagos
  • qtoxeroxxx 2 hours ago
    buenas ;)
  • qtoxeroxxx 2 hours ago
    y para colmo el conntacto con el soporte parece no funcionar
  • bbvedf 2 hours ago
    Yo no me quejo. Tres de tres en pagos recibidos.
  • bbvedf 2 hours ago
    Ultimamente tardan más en enviarlos, eso sí que es verdad
  • bbvedf 2 hours ago
    Entorno a 8 o 9 días
  • bbvedf 2 hours ago
    Pero llegar ... llegan. Paciencia.
  • lenin007 51 minutes ago

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