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Litecoin (LTC or Ł) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license. Creation and transfer of coins is based on an open source cryptographic protocol and is not managed by any central authority. The coin was inspired by, and in technical details is nearly identical to, Bitcoin (BTC). More on Wikipedia

LTCXUP - Is website where u can earn free satoshi and reaching amount of required satoshi cashout it to your litecoin wallet.
Satoshi​ can accumulate in several ways:

Playing games in our site

Join multiplayer game with option to play with even 1 satoshi and have a chance to win that pot!
There are two players minimum needed to start a game countdown to find a winner.

Also an multiplayer game but minimum and maximum players in one game is 2.
The idea is that one user place bet on lets say front so the other user that join will have back,
so when other user join thre random function detects the winner!

This on is not an multiplayer game yet! But with some luck you can win up to 5 times of your bet!
But do not forget that some times there need to be a plan to beat that color.

Roll The Dice:
This on is not an multiplayer game! But with some luck you can win up to 10,000 Satoshi!
But do not forget that some times there need to be a plan to win more in dice changing multiplier and way to dice go (lower or highter) aswell there is possibility to win jackpot if you roll 50.00.

This one is the most loved one because of the big pot it makes each week!
The best in this is that you get a free ticket with every faucet claim so it is up to 48 tickets a day!
Not too much? Then there is option to buy as many tickets as you want!

Gift Game:
A nice chance to win up to 0.03676471!There can also be an empty gift.
What you need to do is simple visit our sponstor to be able to win.

Claim every 30 min Satoshi

Yes!A fast timer of 30 minutes will let you get extra credits very fast!
So in case you love to play games you would not need to wait long for new credits.

Ussing affilate program

We have a nice 10% reward from your referral earnings!Multiple users already has started to share unique link to get some extra bonus!

Joinning giveaways

We are doing some contests time to time so users can pretend to some extra bonus.


Stay active in chat and earn chat bonus! But do not forget not to spam or our moderators could warn you!

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  • Bryant Myers-LTC 2 days ago
  • LTCXUP.COM BOT 2 days ago
    Bryant Myers-LTC joinned Jackpot. Pot 0.00006153
  • Bryant Myers-LTC 2 days ago
  • LTCXUP.COM BOT 1 day ago
    WoW Bryant Myers-LTC just won 0.00005969 in Jackpot
  • ramjose72 22 hours ago
    Admin, when you go to give me my coins???? Anytime? Never? Just tell me that. Thanks.
  • LTCXUP.COM BOT 19 hours ago
    chiranjib joinned Jackpot. Pot 0.00010000
  • chucky2183 17 hours ago
    why ever i lost in roll the dice? if i put high 100 times, i lost 100 times...
  • chucky2183 17 hours ago
    if i put low 100 times, i lost 100 times. whats happen with this?
  • 3echo 13 hours ago
    admin, why must wd with 2 system?? i love if you used pay instant
  • Pacific 9 hours ago
    I am not able to withdraw instantly on faucethub.
  • Pacific 9 hours ago
    The message is displayed as" payment sent to FaucetHub", but not sent.
  • Pacific 9 hours ago
    Rather the balan.ce is shown up in BTCXUP account
  • Pacific 9 hours ago
    sorry in LTCXUP
  • LTCXUP.COM BOT 4 hours ago
    Lottery have been ended! Congratulations for all winners
  • Abdou21 24 minutes ago
    MY WITHDRA PENDING SINCE 28-08-2018 !!!

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