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Answer: First of all you need to claim from faucet!If you like to play games you can choose one of four games provided.
Answer: We pay via FaucetHub and FaucetSystem mostly as instant payment.Also there are no withdraw fees!
Answer: Minimum payment is 1000 Satoshis for now.
Answer: Yes!We pay 10% to our affiliates from all affiliated users withdraws.
Answer: No.We want to keep chat clean!Any user will get ban for posting illegal content or urls on the chat.
Answer: We believe that you have not saved valid Bitcoin address that is linked with FaucetHub.

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  • LTCXUP.COM BOT 18 hours ago
    essential just earned 0.00001059 for being active in chat
  • essential 18 hours ago
    @criptotux el te pagara xP solo deja que el cobre de las Adnetwork =/ los minimos de algunos subieron muchos y como sabras el no usa shortlink para monetizar las faucets :'v
  • essential 18 hours ago
    oppa \o/
  • LTCXUP.COM BOT 18 hours ago
    criptotux just earned 0.00001220 for being active in chat
  • criptotux 18 hours ago
    @essential sí, ya lo sé, yo sólo bromeo
  • criptotux 18 hours ago
  • essential 18 hours ago
    @criptotux O.o ahorita que estoy viendo una cosa, nunca te he visto en el chat español de FH c:
  • criptotux 18 hours ago
    @essential me has visto más de lo que crees, pero mi usuario ahí es otro XD
  • essential 18 hours ago
    @criptotux O.o a ver cual es?
  • criptonator 16 hours ago
    что то выплат нет, все в ожидании
  • criptonator 16 hours ago
    пора в скам отправлять кран
  • vladimir99 6 hours ago
    no pagan
  • LTCXUP.COM BOT 4 hours ago
    Lottery have been ended! Congratulations for all winners
  • V_Terranova 3 hours ago
    Hermano si la realidad es un reflejo de lo interno en lo externo partamos desde la prosperidad y que predomine a cada momento
  • cataro41 1 hour ago
    buen dia como estan

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